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Coaching Zone is a fitness program that is a combination of training and coaching. We use the latest technology and techniques to take the guesswork out of achieving results during a 45-minute workout followed by 15 minutes of Coaching to review your progress and educate you on a range of lifestyle factors that can accelerate your results.

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The Coaching Zone group personal training sessions cater to all fitness levels but are designed specifically to assist people who are new or coming back to exercise feel comfortable and be educated on the correct ways and intensities to train to help them achieve a sustainable training routine, which is the key to long term results.

Our online nutrition support, social events and community atmosphere will make your journey to the new you fun and rewarding.

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  • Unlimited Coaching Zone sessions led by a qualified Fitness Coach
  • Exclusive Online Nutrition Support
  • Full Access Membership (Gym, Group Fitness Classes, Pools, Spa, Sauna, Steam Room and Locker Access)
  • Results are Guaranteed with our Coaches
  • No lock in contract

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It’s a perfect and affordable place for new members to start a fitness routine with extra support during each and every workout. Many of our members will start here to gain confidence then migrate immediately to a standard gym membership when comfortable and confident to continue their routine with new confidence or knowledge. We also have many members who love the community and support of the program so much, that they stay in the Coaching Zone program. It’s the ultimate training program with total flexibility and no commitment.

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Before you start, get the right gear and equipment

Spa and warm water program pool

Greensborough Walk - entrance to the best pool facilities and gymnasium in the north

Water adventure play park (AP750)

WaterMarc view from Flintoff Street

Main pool

Water adventure play park (AP750) with the dump bucket in action

Aqua Fit in the warm water program pool

Cycle studio