Personal Training

Personal Training is an ideal way to kick start your training or to give you a boost and motivation to reach your personal goals.

Whether you are starting an exercise program, training competitively or just looking to improve your overall health and fitness you will immediately recognise the benefits of having your own Personal Trainer.

Our Personal Trainers will help you:

  • Create and achieve the goal YOU have always dreamed of
  • Work with your medical or Allied Health Professional to assist in rehabilitation
  • Inspire you to MOVE and improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Change your SHAPE by increasing your lean muscle and decreasing body fat
  • Increase your POWER so you can improve your SPORT performance
  • Work with you to have more FUN in your workouts
  • Assist you to achieve BALANCE in your workout and in your Life
  • Motivate, educate and inspire you to have a better TOMORRROW

“WaterMarc PT – What are your ASPIRATIONS?”

All of our Personal Trainers are qualified professionals who specialise in many different facets in the fitness industry from weight reduction, body toning and shaping to strength and muscle development.

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Health Club & Clinical Manager

Exercise Physiologist


Health Club Co-ordinator

Personal Trainer




 PT Profile - Ryan          PT Profile - Ben


WaterMarc Personal Trainer Profiles 





PT Profile - Adrian

PT Profile - Brett PT Profile - Erch PT Profile - Mackenzie




Independant Personal Trainer Profiles 





 PT Profile - Adam  PT Profile - Gizelle  PT Profile - Michelle PT Profile - Oliver 

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Cycle studio

WaterMarc view from Flintoff Street

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Water adventure play park (AP750)