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What parking facilities are at the centre?

There are multiple parking options around the facility. Please note there are restrictions and the area is regularly patrolled, park in bays only and obey the parking conditions to avoid fines.

The parking facilities have changed slightly while the 'One Flinoff' Project is in progress.

For a detailed version and map of the locations of available car parks, click here.

For more information about the 'One Flintoff' project click here

What are the accesibility features of the Centre?

For a detailed summary of the accesibility features at WaterMarc, click here

Can I take photos in the Centre?

Yes you can, as long as you follow the Approval Policy here

Are there reciprocal rights with other Banyule facilities?

There are no reciprocal rights with other Banyule City Council facilities.

Are there reciprocal rights with other Belgravia Leisure facilities?

There are no reciprocal rights with other Belgravia Leisure facilities.

Are there any discounts for Banyule City Council rate payers?

The fee structure will be consistent for all visitors or guests. There are no discounts for Banyule City Council rate payers. Although we do offer a Partner Health (corporate) membership offer for local businesses, conditions apply, please contact us on memberships@watermarcbanyule.com.au for more information. 

Who is Belgravia Leisure?

We are a leisure management company that specializes in health and leisure centres, golf courses and hospitality. We currently manage over 70 sites including Thomastown Recreation and Aquatic Centre, Windy Hill Fitness Centre, Hepburn Spa and Bathhouse and Al Forsan International Sports Resort. For more information about Belgravia Leisure, click here.


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Greensborough Walk - entrance to the best pool facilities and gymnasium in the north

Water adventure play park (AP750)

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Water adventure play park (AP750) with the dump bucket in action

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