Cancer patient finds newfound lease on life through Immersion Therapy at WaterMarc

11 Apr 2024
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Being diagnosed with terminal cancer hasn’t stopped Tim Buckley from enjoying life to the fullest. For years, Tim grappled with mobility issues that left him unable to walk for an extended period. However, his introduction to Immersion Therapy marked a turning point in his life. 

Tim has uncovered the transformative potential of Immersion Therapy at WaterMarc Greensborough Victoria. In his own words, this experience has been nothing short of life-changing. 
Overcoming his fears and physical barriers, Tim has emerged as a stronger and happier version of himself. With each stroke in the pool, he has not only strengthened his body but his mind, all the while maintaining an unbeatable spirit that radiates hope and positivity.
“Immersion Therapy at WaterMarc has been nothing short of a life-changing for me. I’ve learned to walk on the bottom of the pool but it’s not just about physical exercise, it’s also helped me gain a sense of freedom and joy that I thought I had lost forever.” 
Tim not only conquered physical limitations but also faced his fear of breaking an arm or leg, a concern that worried him on land but dissipated when in the water.
Under Adrian’s guidance, an accredited Exercise Physiologist specialising in underwater therapy, Tim has made remarkable strides in both his physical and mental well-being.
“Adrian’s support has been invaluable,” Tim said. “He’s not just a teacher, he’s a mentor who believes in my potential and encourages me every step of the way.”
Despite facing the daunting reality of terminal cancer, Tim finds strength in the water. Immersion Therapy offers him a reprieve from his daily struggles, instilling a newfound sense of excitement in life.
“I’m extremely grateful for Immersion Therapy. It’s a sanctuary where I can leave my worries behind and focus on the present moment. I simply love it,” Tim said.


Dr Jeff Walkley, CEO of Belgravia Foundation and National Disability and Diversity Manager for Belgravia Leisure is determined to see as many people in need as possible benefit. 
“Tim’s story reminds us that resilience knows no bounds and that within every challenge lies an opportunity for growth. Immersion Therapy offers not just treatment, but also liberation and newfound freedom in a unique environment.
“I’d like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the WaterMarc and Determined2 teams for their dedication and effort in making this program such a success. To take gravity away and give people the freedom to move, jump and dance when it’s simply not possible on land is a beautiful thing. It liberates the human spirit whilst using exercise as a treatment for the clinical condition.
In a world where life’s obstacles can often seem too overwhelming to face, stories like Tim’s remind us of the importance of perseverance and a positive outlook on life

To express your interest in Immersion Therapy, visit or learn more about Immersion Therapy at WaterMarc via the website.

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